We've been really, REALLY patient so far but you're definitely
 pushing it.
We were hoping that you could control yourself but quite obviously we were wrong. It's a shame, really. On the surface you appear to be a pretty normal person. But now we see that deep down you are just another ignorant slob with authority issues, who has to push the envelope of anti-social behavior at every occasion. I suppose you'll be blaming it all on your crappy childhood, or the government. I'll bet you're just LOADS of fun at parties..."Hey Honey...who invited the insensitive jerk double dipping his chip in the salsa?" The idea of you doing anything you want with total disregard for your fellow human beings gets you off sexually doesn't it? You are a vile, loathsome excuse for a member of the human race. The foulness of your nature is exceeded only by the stench of your arrogance. You make me want to PUKE!

But since this is America, you get one more chance........