Having 50 or so original songs in our repertoire made choosing the songs for the album a real challenge. We all agreed that we wanted to put as many as we could in the time allowed and narrowed it down to these 14.
As this is our 1st full length LP, we wanted to showcase the variety of styles our original music spans.
Before forming SQUIDD, each of us had decades of experience playing all manner of different musical styles. The result of this is that the SQUIDD original material falls into many different style genres.
We feel this selection of songs gives a pretty good idea of what SQUIDD music is all about.

1)        Girl Got A Hummer - We decided to start with a song on the "Pop" side of rock. Of course that means it had to be a love song. There's something sexy about a woman with tools and a hard hat.

2)        Not My Fault - Sources of inspiration; A) Some dude in a bar in Mississippi who was wearing a T-shirt that read "Blame My Parents", B) Lawyers, C) Jake Blues (John Belushi)

3)        Ed - What can I say…we rock and you know it.

4)        Can't Stop - Sometimes love can be confusing….

5)        Brought Me Down - Sometimes love can hurt….

6)        Cool Guy - Surf's up!! Hit the Beach, Boys!

7)        Callin' - A monster blues jam inspired by someones' ex, profound grief, and the promise of the joys of the next life.

8)        40,000 Feet - Another "jam" song. Written on the back of a barf bag on a trans-Atlantic flight. When you're looking out the window of the plane all you see is the beauty of the earth, not the ugliness of the human condition.

9)        Goin' On - A tribute to AC-DC and stalkers everywhere.

10)        Changed - Classic story of the werewolf. Headphones and high volume essential for maximum enjoyment. We wanted to over-produce one song and this is it. You want sustain…buy a Gibson.

11)        The Dog - More epic rock. Words and music by our good friend Steve Chestney of the band Bad Halo.

12)        The Devil - A true story about…you guessed it! Back-up vocals by Hell's Glee Club arranged and directed by Erik Nelson.

13)        MHMF - Not left, not right, just pissed off! See comment above about Gibson guitars.

14)        Fruit Loop Massacre Guy - One night after a show, a fan (won't say who) called one of our songs (won't say which one) "pretty dark". This inspired Bill to write a really dark song. Once again…headphones and high volume.