SQUIDD is a four-man power-trio from central Illinois whose songs are a mix of rock styles that range from hard rock, surf and rock-a-billy to funk and blues. This eclectic style features omniscient guitar wizardry, lung punching bass and drums, and down to earth, often irreverent lyrics.
   Providing the foundation of the Squidd sound is gonzo drummer
Tim Ridgeway whose melodic and powerful beats mesh with the intricate yet huge sound of viral bassist Dave Reimer. Guitar maestro and primary songwriter Bill Percy rounds out the mix with searing leads and mind bending power chords. Completing the Squidd sonic tsunami is vocalist/percussionist Bob Fink, who delivers the lyrics with an intensity bordering on malevolence and provides additional rhythmic seasoning with a myriad of percussive devices. Squidd is in their element on stage and deliver high energy, fast paced sets which are guaranteed to contain at least two jams of well over ten minutes.
   The saga of Squidd begins in 1996 when the nucleus of the band; Dave, Bill, and Bob, team up for a project with then drummer Steve Chestney. In 2000 Steve moved on to pursue other projects (including eventually writing one of the songs for the new Squidd CD) at which point his cousin Chris stepped in and Squidd was born. Soon after that the band released the limited run EP Surf Illinois in 2003 followed by the three song single Just a Taste in 2007. In 2010 Squidd announced the release of their next album We Are Squidd.

We Are Squidd is the bands first LP CD and showcases the palette of styles their music covers. Best described as rock and roll in the spirit of the great 70's bands, the track list also includes a portion of blues and their own special brand of alabaster funk. Squidds' propensity for lengthy on-stage jams is mirrored in two of the tracks which come in at over nine minutes. The fourteen song opus was recorded at world famous Eclipse Studios in Normal, Illinois and mixed and mastered by the legendary digital ninja Erik Nelson.  The seasoned listener and rock aficionado will detect the influences of such diverse masters as Zepplin, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Walsh, Carlos Santana, and Frank Zappa.

Indie rock band Squidd releases its first LP CD
Normal, Illinois | May 2nd, 2010 - Indie rock band Squidd, celebrated for its fusion of classic 70's metal and high-energy 90's rock and roll, announces the release of its first LP CD on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, entitled "We are Squidd". This opus contains 14 original songs, including; Not My Fault - an anthem of irresponsibility for the new age, Hummer -  a love song for the new man, and Callin' - an epic blues jam that is a highlight of every Squidd live performance.
Achieving near-cult status in central Illinois (Squidd members have unfortunately avoided the high-profile arrests that might help launch them into true-cult status), Squidd members Bill Percy (guitar), Dave Reimer (bass), Chris Chestney (drums), Bob Fink (lead vocals/percussion) serve up a high-voltage wall of pulsing metal guitar, lung-punching bass and drums, and eclectic lyrics that defy categorization. Nonetheless, drummer Chris Chestney takes a stab at summing up Squidds' musical approach: "Squidd is possibly the freshest music in decades, a band that will introduce a new genre to the billboard charts." Fellow band member Dave Reimer adds: "We are Squidd" is pure, no holds barred, Middle- American rock."
"We Are Squidd" is available at Mother Murphy's' and North St. Records in Normal, IL. The CD is also available at CDBaby.com and as a digital download at CDBaby.com, I-tunes, and digmusic.com.

Squidd is a four man rock band from central Illinois.
Squidd is low in calories and high in fiber.
Squidd songs are a variety of rock styles.
Squidd music is loud and hard and the lyrics are often funny.
Squidd is guaranteed not to chip, crack, or fade.
The Squidd drummer is Tim Ridgeway.
The Squidd bass player is Dave Reimer.
The Squidd guitar player is Bill Percy.
The Squidd singer is Bob Fink.
The Squidd soundman is left-handed.
Squidd enjoys being on stage.
Squidd plays long sets of long songs.
Squidd was formed in the year 2000.
Squidd contains no MSG.
Squidd released their CD
Surf Illinois in 2003.
Squidd went surfing in 2004.
Squidd released their CD
Just a Taste in 2007.
Squidd eats only free- range vegetables.
Squidd announces the release of their new CD
We Are Squidd in 2010.
Squidd did not harm any animals in the making of their CD.