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The moon is full - and you can see it
It's in your skull - and you can feel it
The feel is real - and you can't fake it
It's the real deal - just lay back and take it
CHORUS - It's not your fault you're acting different
It's not your fault you're acting strange
It's not your fault you're acting funny
It's not your fault you've changed…

You're on the floor - watching the table
You try to move - but you're not able
The pain is intense - you're becoming unstable
There's only one defense - from the curse in the fable
Your secret's out - now it's too late
The time is now - accept your fate
You can't stop - as the urges increase
So here tonight - you must feed the beast
Morning has come - once more you can breathe
The warmth of the sun - makes you feel free
After what you've done - it's just what you need
Until the next full moon - somebody's gonna bleed